King's Eye Escape

Do You Have What It Takes?

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Post-Apocalyptic, Survival
  2 to 8
60 min.

An emergent disease dubbed "The Illness" has launched the world into chaos. To increase your chances of survival, you have joined an elite team of looters. Desperate for a big score, you’ve followed rumors to a warehouse deep inside Scavenger City. Come find out what it really means to survive!...


How Effective Will You Be Under Pressure?

Show the people closest to you that you can be relied on! Learn how to perform in critical situations! At King’s Eye Escape, you get to prove that you add value to the team while having a ton of fun!

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Develop your abilities to get results and influence the situation around you! Learn to communicate in ways that have a meaningful impact rather than a detrimental effect!

We’re all capable of watching the action, now it’s time to participate in it! Show everyone what you really got in live-action team bonding scenarios!

Can you see what most people don’t? Bring your unique perspective and find the solutions your team desperately needs! You can be a hero!


Monday - Friday
10:00 AM - 12:00 AM


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